Longbridge Advantages
US stocks and Hong Kong stocks "lifetime" commission-free, 0 application and redemption fees for funds, no storage time limit requirements, and you can enjoy lifelong rights and interests after depositing funds
Pioneering technology and advanced trading tools make it easy to trade and manage assets from any desktop or mobile device
One account can connect to global major markets including HK, US, Singapore, Shanghai and Shenzhen markets, supporting stocks, on-site ETFs, on-site bonds, on-site REITs, options, public funds, private equity funds, money market funds, etc., as well as OTC global securities market trading and other non-standard products trading
Support all major HK banks. It also supports rich deposit and withdrawal methods such as FPS, eDDA, bank-securities transfer, online banking transfer, cheque, counter, telegraphic transfer, SWIFT, CHATS, intra-bank transfer, online banking transfer, PAYNOW, etc.
Open an account online in 3 minutes and start your journey to wealth
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Custodian Fee 0
Ultra Low Pricing In The Industry
Minimum Threshold, Minimum Cost
US stocks and Hong Kong stocks "lifetime" commission-free *, 0 application and redemption fees for funds, no storage time limit requirements, and you can enjoy lifelong rights and interests after depositing funds, and high-frequency trading users are extremely friendly
Open an account to enjoy multiple commission-free and market rights to unlock, no time limit, no limit, no lock-up requirements
More Flexible Buying Power
Flexible leverage of premium HK & US stocks, up to 4 times, outperforms the industry
Free US Quotes *
Receive by participating some easy activities
Extensive Investor Tools
Panoramic Exploration, Fully Understand The Fundamentals Of The Enterprise In 1 Minute
Encyclopedias, financial scores, investment styles, qualitative and quantitative quick understanding of companies, and mining of corporate value
Business review, institutional ratings, industry data, positioning of corporate value and market opportunities
In-Depth Data To Track The Operating Status Of The Enterprise
Observe the high-frequency indicators of the company's development trend changes, delve into business data and detect any changes in the company's operations. This helps to have a "analyst" perspective
Industry Chain, Discover The Relationship Between Enterprises And Identify Potential Opportunities
Through upstream and downstream sections of the industrial chain, quickly recognize the fundamentals and transaction data of all companies in the industrial chain, and discover hidden opportunities identifying key suppliers and competitors in the supply chain
Comprehensive And Powerful Trading Capabilities
Multiple Trading Platforms Making Investment Accessible
Support desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and Open API
Support mobile devices (iOS, Android, HTML5) and web pages
Comprehensive Order Trading Capabilities And Rich Advanced, Algorithmic Orders, Innovative Trading Experience
The exchange supports all order types, as well as self-developed conditional orders and algorithm orders to help you execute any trading strategy
Live Trading, allows fast order placing while monitoring price movement
Global Markets Access With Wide Range Of Products
Support Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, Singapore, Shanghai and Shenzhen markets
Support stocks, on-site ETFs, bonds, REITs, options, DLC, etc., support long and short stock transactions
Support OTC global securities market transactions and other non-standard product transactions
Support public funds, private funds, currency funds
Trusted & Stable In-house Developed Trading System That Undergoes Heavy Usage
The only trading system in the industry with automatic flexible scaling, automatic failover, and 7x24 continuous operation to protect trading
Capable of stably processing 20,000 orders per second
Faster Order Placement Speed With Minimum Market Delay
The measured transaction delay is as low as 10 milliseconds, with an average of 18 milliseconds, so you can seize the opportunity one step ahead
Quote processing latency is less than 1 millisecond, and extremely fast quotes help achieve the best price execution
Next Generation Technology
Our strong capital strength, generation-leading technical team, and automated risk management measures are designed to protect Longbridge and our client assets
Cloud-Native Architecture
Industry pioneering
Real Time
Calculate comprehensive buying power, update account assets and real-time account risk alerts
The industry's first cloud-native architecture, improves the disaster recovery capabilities of the trading system and ensures the efficiency and stability of the system
The self-developed and industry pioneering system has a transaction latency as low as 10 milliseconds in the cloud environment, with an average of 18 milliseconds. Under one standard configuration unit, the business concurrency has increased to 20,000 orders/second, which is an absolute leading level in the industry
Cloud-based high throughput and reliability
Good scalability and expandability, 7×24H global multi-market trading and settlement capability
Your Trusted Securities Brokerage
Our strong capital strength, generation-leading technical team, and automated risk management measures are designed to protect Longbridge and our client assets
Asset Protection
Client assets are independent and managed in the bank
Regulatory periodic strict review and internal and external audit
With a fully self-developed risk control system, continuous iterative updates
Hong Kong Investor Compensation Fund (ICF), providing HKD 500,000 protection
Member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)
Data Security And Privacy
Fully self-developed system, obtained ISO27001 and ISO27701 information security management system certification, comprehensive protection of account and privacy security
Encryption algorithm is adopted, combined with user data security level and perfect data backup and recovery, to ensure the security of customers' personal data
Formulate sensitive data classification standards, establish a data life cycle security protection system, and realize full-link data security
Accounts And Networks
Protect user account security through account login two-factor authentication, account operation instant notification, strict password policy and web page timeout monitoring policy and other measures
Equipped with a secure network infrastructure and multiple firewall isolation areas, the key systems and core data are isolated according to VPC, and malicious programs and malware are detected through IDS and IPS
Regular internal security incident drills to ensure that appropriate emergency procedures can be effectively implemented in the event of a network security incident or network attack
Honors & Awards
Adam Smith Awards ASIA 2023
Best Foreign Exchange Solution
The Asset Triple A Awards 2023
Best New Economy Solution Payments And Collections Singapore
Innovative Information Service Provider of the Year
High-Quality Enterprise
HK01 x 巨子 ICON
2021 Innovative Investment App for Hong Kong and U.S. Stocks
Social-driven Technology Brokerage
2021 Hong Kong Fintech Week
Exhibitor & Sponsor
HKET Excellence Awards 2023
Excellence in Fintech Securities Firm
Supported Account Type
Please contact customer service for the application and discussion of institutional account
Individual Account
Intraday Account
Individual Account: An account held and used by one trader or investor
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